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Please note that during the period from23. 12. 2017 to 01. 01. 2018 the operation of our company and therefore business communication due to the Christmas holiday is stopped. We will be available again from 02. 01. 2018.

We would also like to thank you for your cooperation this year and look forward to further meetings and business opportunities.

Company holiday

Our company is from 05.07.2017 to 07.07.2017 closed because of National holiday.

We started to work at 10th July.

We would like to inform you that our company will be closed during company holiday from 17th July to 30th July 2017.

We ´ll be back for you from 31st July 2017

Company holidays

Our company is from 24.12.2016 to 01.01.2017 closed because of Christmas holidays.

Material for lifting chains Grade 80 according to EN 818-2

Material for lifting chains Grade 80 according to EN 818-2


Still a lot of lifting chains imported to Europe are not produced from the material requested by the European standard EN 818-2 for lifting chains Grade 80. Such chains can be dangerouse for use and should be rejected.
Řetězárna a.s. produce chains EN 818-2 from appropriate steel in accordance with EN 818-2. Our customers are sure that use top quality and safe lifting chains from our production. Quality and material composition of each lifting chain is confirmed by test certificate 3.1 EN 10204. Our chains EN 818-2 are also certified by German laboratory BGHM Hannover and have the H stamp.

Předchozí | Dalšístrana / 2 12-24 z 21 news